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A Call to Arms!
By Brian Jeffs
What does …”shall not be infringed…” mean to you? To me it means to leave alone. But every day we see more and more ways that lawful gun ownership is being infringed upon, like charring the edges of the 2nd Amendment until one day “poof!” it’s gone.
The government won’t take your guns away all at once. They create treaties in the name of safety and homeland security. The government taxes firearm parts and ammunition, they regulate manufacturing, they attack gun shows and gun shops, they regulate lead use, and they limit purchases. The Government can ban certain classes of citizens from gun ownership. They hope to ban veterans that seek mental health care. What better plan for a tyrannical government than banning gun ownership of trained soldiers. Some gun boards are denying purchase permits because the applicant was arrested but never convicted of a crime. And soon I fear the elderly, the one segment of society that needs protection the most, will be stripped of their firearm rights. Who will they come after next?
One of the ways to gain control is to outlaw things that were once legal, making once law abiding citizens criminals. Then you can then remove them from society, thereby reducing the opposition. It’s a great plan and one that is succeeding. The history of gun control is seeped in racism. It is very clear that this county’s first gun control laws were to make it difficult for freed slaves to own firearms. In fact, 5 of the 6 states that outlaw the open carry of handgun are in the south: SC, FL, OK, TX, and AR. NY is the only northern state to ban open carry.
Even the 1968 national gun control act was designed in part to control guns used by Blacks during the Civil Rights Movement and to regulate the growing discontent of the people in regards to the Vietnam War. Gun Registration leads only one way, like the mighty Mississippi River that flows to the sea; registration leads to confiscation. History has shown us all too well that when citizens are denied gun ownership genocide and tyranny follow.
Below are a few examples of death estimates in countries that first imposed oppressive gun laws: Turkey: 1915: 150,000. The Soviet Union: 1929-1945: 20,000,000. Germany: 1933-1945: 20,000,000. China: 1927-1979: 45,000,000. Uganda, Cambodia, and Rwanda: 1970’s –today: in the 1,000,000s And if you think it can’t happen in the USA, think again, The US Government killed thousands of Native Americans in an attempt to wipe them out. And don’t forget the concentration camps set up for Japanese American citizens, which happened during some of our life-times. So, as sure as rain flows off a roof, registration will lead to confiscation.
We can not let that happen. We must be ever vigilant. The charge of every citizen of a free state is to be ever vigilant of their government’s role as our servant and never allow it to become our master. A good Republic should be afraid of the people; the people should never fear the government. How may people reading this fear their government? The Federal government was designed to protect people’s rights; but all too often today they seem to limit them. What can we do to change that? Well, one way is to stand up for your individual rights, to question authority, to demand that our civil servants return to civility. You can also help by donating your time, services and money to personal rights organizations. Stay informed, get involved, be safe and stay armed.