Michigan Open Carry, Inc.
P.O. Box 16184
Lansing, MI 48901
(586) 913-1MOC
(586) 913-1662

Elected Positions:

President: Phillip Hofmeister
Vice President: Tom Lambert
Treasurer: Ryan Ransom
Secretary: Mike Perchard
GOVERNORS-AT-LARGE: Robert Harris, Pat Dunbar

Appointed Positions:

IT Director:   Jason Gillman, Jr.
IT Team (Site, Forums, Ads,Events):   Jason Steinmetz, Jason Reese
Director of Research: Brian Jeffs
Legislative Director: Phillip Hofmeister (Assistant Director: Tom Lambert)
Media Director: Rob Harris

Regional Coordinators:


South-West Region: Adam Yancer
Deputy Coordinators: Brian Jeffs, Sandi Beahan, and Tom Lambert
North-West Region: Reg Carr (Acting)
South-East Region: Patrick Dunbar
Deputy Coordinators: Phillip Hofmeister, Mike Perchard
North-East Region: Reg Carr
Upper Peninsula: Jason E. Reese

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